Saturday, 23 June 2012

Sacred Moments, Part Two

  As I shared in my previous post, I want to share some moments I’ve had with my kids, to remember them as they are now, to remember the days I have them close and small, days, I am told by older and wiser parents, that will pass more quickly than I can know right now. So I want to treasure some of the moments I have with them here, in no particular order. The dates are for me mostly, for memory’s sake.

June 14, 2012

  Michaela asked me if I still have my wedding dress and if she could see it today.

  I pulled it out of its hiding place in my closet, and spread it over my bed. We looked at it together, she examined all its details. She wowed and marveled over the veil my mom made to go so beautifully with my dress. She dreamt of maybe wearing it one day, asking me question after question about my wedding day.

  …Mother-daughter moments that threaten to make you a weepy mess- you never see ‘em coming.

  One rainy day, I took the boys on a morning date to Starbucks. Silas, not quite four years old, was pleased as punch sitting next to me sipping his chocolate shake, occasionally sharing his very important and very random thoughts with me and Solomon.

  His eyes and mind were busy with people-watching, all sorts coming in from the rain, soothed by the warmth of indoors, easing into the line to order, pulling out wallets to pay for their orders.

   After 10 or 15 minutes of observation, and a very long pause, Silas looked at me, thoughtful and serious, stating, “Mom, God doesn’t have a wallet.”

  “What does He have, Silas?” I ask.

  “He has money in rainbows, the sky, the grass, and the mountains.”

  There you have it, folks. You heard it here.


  Brooklynn and Silas killed their first frog yesterday.

  After 3 hours of them playing outside so contentedly, I thought it might be a good (not to mention, responsible) idea to check on them in the backyard. I found Silas quietly coloring at the outside table with his right hand, while his left hand held a poor frog in a death grip in the air, pinching its sides towards its back, its black eyes bulging in pure terror, its legs hanging lifeless.

  I exclaimed over it, telling him to put it back quickly, quickly, quickly!, trying my best not to throw up. He brought it over to its hole in a panic, putting it in like some kind of 2 year old frog expert.

  In the afternoon, I found the frog, dried up and dead, sitting in the sun on the grass.

  …They’re playing quietly outside right now… much too quietly…


  Solomon insists on riding his rocking horse in the middle of the living room. We drag it back into the playroom, and when he notices it’s gone, he drags it back, mumbling his disapproval that it was moved at all.


  Silas is walking around with Brooklynn’s polka-dotted lunchbag, telling me over and over again, “Don’t stay in my purse.”

   He is quoting me- I say to him and Solomon all the time, “Stay out of my purse!!”

   He has 3 or 4 play cameras in this “purse”, he is pretending to snap pictures with them. He says he “bites” when he takes a picture. He took a picture of my face and said, “Mom, I bite your eyes.” He turned and took a picture of our room and said, “Mom, I bite the room.”

Sept. ‘10

  I’ve noticed lately that when I vacuum, the testosterone mounts in my sons’ veins, and they are transported to a strange, barbaric world in which I am the great monster/dragon seeking to devour them.

June 2011

  As I helped Brooklynn put on her socks and shoes this morning, she says “You’re naked!! No, I’m not!!”

  I ask, “Who are you talking to, Brooklynn?”

  “My feet.”

Ok, I’ll say it.

I like Tangled as much as my two little girls do.

I said it.

“Then I brush and brush and brush and brush my-y hair…!!”

March 16, 2012

  This morning, it happened.

  I’ve sworn to myself never to wipe anything off my children’s faces with my saliva.

  Four kids into marriage, eight years into motherhood, I have stayed true to my word.

  Until today.

  In the rush of the morning, leaning in for a kiss to send Brooklynn off to school, I spotted jam on her cheek. Before I even knew what my body was doing, I was licking my thumb and swiping that jam right off her sweet little face. She and I laughed together as I exclaimed, “That’s the first time I’ve ever done that, Brooklynn!!!”

  I’m growing up.

April 4, 2012

  As I laid Solomon down for a nap today, settling his blanket over him, he yanked his chubby fingers from his mouth abruptly and looked up at me, his big brown eyes wide.

  I knew this was going to be important.

  “Mom, I’m gonna have a good dream of GOD,” he said very solemnly.

  My heart almost exploded. But that probably would have ruined the moment.

May 3, 2012

  Michaela’s 2nd grade writing assignment:

  Read the beginning sentence.

  Finish the story.

  Write a title for the story.

  (Beginning sentence)  One day I saw an octopus in a shoe store.

  Michaela’s sweet 7 year old work:

  (Title) Talking to an Octopus

  “One day I saw an octopus in a shoe store.

  It had six shoes or more. I met the octopus, it was very kind to me. But the octopus told me it was not kind to a bee. The octopus talked to me, yes, it’s true, but the red octopus, his brother, came along too. The red octopus was not very kind, it seemed that it was out of its mind! It was time to go and I knew, the octopus’s would go too.

  The end.”

May 23rd 2012

  Solomon has finally peed in the toilet for the first time. (Yes, he is 3… yeah, I know, I know, everybody!! I’m still growing up, too! ;)

  Silas, the big brother, was SO excited. He ran through the house yelling, “Mom, he peed!! He did it!! Solomon peed in the toilet!!! We HAVE to tell Daddy!!!!”

  I congratulate my youngest on his accomplishment, and pick up the phone to call Kevin, at Silas’ urgent request. Silas is VERY persuasive.

  As I wait on the phone, I see and hear Silas telling Solomon how proud he is of him, to hurry to follow him to their room so he can get some of his underwear for Solomon.

  Solomon strutted behind Silas with a very big boy look on his face, his chest puffed out, quite pleased with himself as he followed his proud big brother, who was about to share the sacred stash of cool Spiderman and Superhero underwear with him.

  The Day has come.

  We help him get the underwear on and Solomon shares the news with his proud Daddy. Kevin shares our happiness, giving his approval to all of us over the phone, telling Solomon how proud he is of him, telling me how proud he is of Silas for how happy he is for Solomon, telling me “Don’t drop the ball” as we say good-bye (his way of telling me he’s proud of me too).

  I told Silas how proud his Daddy is of him, and we all wore the same contented smiles on our faces.

  Kevin- Father, Husband, was proud of us. What more do we need to know today?

May 30, 2012

  Around 7:30 this morning, standing in the kitchen readying the coffee pot to brew, I take in the scene before me, my senses on overload.

  The kids were “eating breakfast at the table”-

  Michaela was mutilating her gummy bear vitamin, yelling things like “I don’t have any arms!” and “I don’t have a brain!” on its behalf.

  Brooklynn and Solomon were running circles around our dining and living room, Solomon screaming for no particular reason, Brooklynn- just running.

  Silas was singing, “I’ve been dreaming of a true love’s kiss…!!” (from Enchanted) as handsomely as he could, declaring “Giselle!!!” from time to time, in between bites of cereal and milk.

  I re-seat the marathon runners, moving into the bathroom with Michaela to fix her hair for school. As I braid, she breaks into song… The Twelve Days of Christmas.

  At this point, I surrender.

  We finish the whole song together. We sing through fixing her bed, making lunches for school, getting shoes on, etc.… Approaching the 12th day of Christmas, we raise the key for the grand finale, lifting our voices in exaggerated, operatic tones, Michaela clearing bowls and spoons, me, sweeping over milk circles and drippings with my washcloth… we close the song as obnoxiously as possible.

  Yes, I know all the words to that dreadful song.

  And yes, it was an out-of-body experience.

  And now for that cup of coffee…

June 1, 2012

  If you ever have 6 kids in your care for a day, ages 9 and under, and they ask you if they can make a “cave” in the kids’ bedroom, say “Most definitely, yes!!” and give them all the supplies they need (blankets, sheets, bed mattress…). Once they are engrossed in their work, back out of the room, then yell something over your shoulder like “It’s so loud… I’m shutting the door…!” Then close the door behind you.

  You will be amazed at the quiet house you’ll have in your hands.

  I understand how the illusion of being powerful can be so addicting…

June 11, 2012

  While Solomon was waiting for his breakfast this morning, he began to whine, “Mooooom, I want my FOOOD………..”

  I told him, “Solomon, stop whining. You act like a big boy and wait nicely. Are you acting like a big boy?”

  Without hesitation he replies, “I’m acting wike a kid.” (he pronounces his L’s like W’s J)

  Brooklynn and Silas are playing zoo in the confines of the boys’ room. Brooklynn is playing the part of every zoo animal splendidly, and apparently all the cages of this expansive zoo are found just behind the Spiderman sheet draped in front of Silas’ bottom bunk.

  Silas is having a conversation with Brooklynn, who, I forgot, is also the Head Zookeeper…

  (Silas) “I can work here forever and ever and ever???!!!”

  (Brooklynn, in a voice like Dora the Explorer) “Yes!!!!!!! We are so exciting!!! (‘exciting’ is how she says excited) Okay, but if you work here forever and ever it’s gonna be a lot of work. You will have to sweep ALL the floors, fix the cages, and feed all the animals.”


  “And then when you’re done, you can look at the animals.”

  This doesn’t seem like all it’s cracked up to be… but it’s probably just me.

Sacred Moments, Part One

  I want to share some moments I have had with my children. Most of these tales will have dates, that is mostly for me, to remember how old they were at the time, to remember the season of life we were in, to remember how small they are; one day I will read this to remember how small they were.

  And one day, when I am less computer illiterate and have more time, I will post pictures to go along with these moments… For now, I trust that you and I have great imaginations and we can manage well enough. ;)

  To begin, here are some thoughts I wrote to all of my kids in a journal in which I planned to write many thoughts for them to read when they were older. To their future relief, I wrote all of three entries in that journal. :) They will find such thoughts for them here now. I was going to begin with funny random stories about them, but I’ll save that for next time; I felt that it was only right to begin with words I wrote directly to them, since I never quite filled up that journal I meant to fill for them.

  Kids, this is for you, in hopes that these sacred moments with you are kept in a place easy for you to find when the day comes that you may want to find them here.

Sept. 15, 2010, Wednesday

  Tonight, your Daddy went to talk with Pastor Shawn and Mr. Seth. Almost right after your Daddy left, I got you all back in bed, after you all got up again :), and I was about to sit down for my own time, but I remembered telling you guys that one night I would let you lay under the stars with me, like we laid under the clouds together a few days ago.

  Tonight, I got Silas, Brooklynn, and Michaela up and we laid on a blanket in the backyard and sang “How Great Thou Art”, “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star”, “Love the Lord Your God…”, “Jesus Loves Me”, and “Silent Night” together. Michaela asked a lot of questions, noticing every plane passing overhead, Silas tried to sing every song with us even though he didn’t know all the words, Brooklynn giggled and said sweet things about the moon and how beautiful the songs were.

  I’ll never forget it, kids, and I plan on doing that with you again and again. Promise me you’ll do that alone or with a friend from time to time, too. I love you.

  Solomon, you are 19 months old right now. You were so relieved to go to sleep in your bed tonight. You are my sweet, rotten boy. I can’t wait for you to join us looking at the stars.

  Good night, my angels. You’re my favorite.

  -Your Momma

 Still Sept. 15, 2010

My dear Michaela,

  Tomorrow is your 6th birthday. It is a big deal for me, more than I know, more than you know. I don’t show it, I enjoy my days with you by being very normal, because this is when/how we make memories we’ll never forget together in the best way, I think. ;) 

  I found a “song”, or maybe it’s a poem, in my notebook that I wrote to you, for you, a few days ago. I was tired from a long day at home taking care of you and your sister and brothers, I was so guilty and sorry and full of shame for the ways I had dealt with you that day, as I have been many days. You and I had had a rough couple of weeks together, and my ways of dealing with you in my impatience and exasperation really got to me this particular day that I sat down to write the words I’m going to share with you. One day I hope you will read this as a young lady or woman, and you will understand all that I’m writing to you now.

  You are my baby girl, you grow so fast, you are God’s gift to me, I cherish all He has given and will give me in you.

  I know I’ve written all of this to Michaela so far, but my thoughts here are ones I think towards each of you, my babies, Michaela, Brooklynn, Silas, and Solomon.

I Can’t Tell You

I’m so easily moved, I readily refuse

What I know is good for me

I justify my attitudes

My selfish ways of getting what I want

Easily angered, ready to risk it all

For myself, for one of my moods

Do I tell you that I’m sorry?

I don’t want to give up on you

My love, my angel

I don’t want to lose your heart

My baby girl

I don’t want to throw away these years

These moments

I’m sorry for how I must hurt you

I know how I have failed you

I can’t let another moment pass

Before I tell you…

…I can’t tell you how much I love you

You were a dream

I still can’t believe I’m watching you grow

You’re so beautiful, My little baby girl

I adore your little world

Your precious reflections, your too many questions

Life has its burdens

God has given me a heaven in your eyes

His beauty in your smile

I thank Him for you every day, and every night

My love, my angel

Beautiful child

I see God’s beauty in your smile

December 24, 2010, 10pm

  All of you are asleep. Your cousins, Kiera and Julianna are asleep, too, they are here with Uncle Jake and Auntie Michelle for Christmas.

  It is Christmas Eve night. I have been learning so much this year. Lately, I’ve been asking God to change me and help me stop yelling at you. I have had a few days that this is really happening! But as I prepared the house to host our family this week, I lost it on you again.

  But it has not taken from us! God brings me, leads me to repentence in my heart, in His kindness and His goodness, and we grow together.

  I’ve been so thankful for how He is helping your Daddy and I teach you about Christmas this year. We have told you of the birth of Jesus, and how and why Jesus came to this earth to save us. You have been so receptive, and I pray you will always be growing in this every year, all through the year.

  I’ve been thrilled to find Veggie Tales Christmas dvds for you that have been helpful to me to tell you what Christmas is really all about. About Jesus! And also helpful, the (modifiedJ) true story of how St. Nicholas was a man who loved God and helped those in need around him because God had given him much, he wanted to share Christ with people and that is why he gave generously.

  It was my desire this year to really shift our Christmas and those to come away from Santa and other things, to Christ and the Gospel. Christmas is a time that we recognize that Jesus is/was the “Word of the Father, now in flesh appearing.”

  O come let us adore Him…

  O come let us adore HIM, Christ the Lord, my dear children.


  How can I tell you how much I love you?

  Sharing Jesus and His great love with you is one way, the most important. My ultimate desire for you is to know Him, His love, and grow in the adoration and wonder of Him.


I love you-

Your Momma

Growing in God's Grace

  I have only the list I began in February of last year to record here today, and the effects beginning this list again has had on me. My entry for Feb 16, 2011 that I begin with below should have been in my last post, but no matter, it is a list of thanks to God for the countless things I have to thank Him for and see His grace in, whatever the order. 

  The more I add to this list, the more I write it out, I find it unveiling and softening places in my soul that I did not know were veiled or hardened. My gaze has turned to Christ where I have not looked to Him, where I did not know I was blinded, by my own pride, by the cares of this life.

  It humbles me when I take the time to really look to see His goodness, AND thank Him for it.

  It shows me the severity of my condition, how depraved I am, taking all His grace, all His ways, all His wisdom, all His patience, all His mercy… for granted. I see that I not only neglect to thank Him, but more accurately, refuse to acknowledge His presence in every part of my life.

  Acknowledging God (giving glory to Him, looking to Him, turning to Him) is acknowledging His holiness and perfection, which in turn means acknowledging that I am all WRONG. (Romans 1:16-23) That my motives are selfish, that I pollute even the good things I receive from Him because I cannot produce any goodness from my own heart or hands, that I am stained and wracked with sin… that wherever His presence is, there MUST be purging, there WILL be cleansing… where I don’t see my sin, I will see it for what it is in light of Him. Where I am comfortable with my sin, I will be made uncomfortable. I know I WILL be changed wherever HE touches… and I avoid it. That is how hard this heart is. It takes HIS pursuit and initiative for me to even see my pride, and then to lay it down, enabling me to acknowledge Him, to surrender to Him in worship, in thanksgiving.

  This list is a constant reminder for me to give thanks to God. Giving thanks to God is seeing that He is indeed in every part of my life. This gratefulness makes me awake, it shakes me out of slumber, it shakes me out of oblivion, to alertness. It pulls me out of the grasp of discontentedness to search out the details of God’s fingerprints upon my life and I find joy in the fullness of Christ, in all things, in whatever circumstances- “For from Him, and to Him, and through Him are all things. To Him be glory forever. Amen.” (Romans 11:36)

  Recognizing God’s goodness and giving Him thanks breaks open my heart to receive His GRACE. I want to grow in God’s grace! I want this brokenness before Him every day. I want a thankful heart towards Him to grow in me. I want a thirsty heart quenched only by the joy I find in Christ when my heart is overflowing with thanks to Him!


  For whoever may be reading this today, it means more to me than I know how to say to share this with you. I have gone ahead and shared all the list I have from last year down to what I’ve added recently because I have been writing down many things I have been grateful for and I can’t seem to stop. I thought about making this post a “part one” and adding a “part two” for the more recent things added to my list, so this post wasn’t so long, but I just couldn’t shake the desire to keep all I have so far together in this post. Later, I will add more in another post.

  To any of my family reading, please read down into the “70/80’s” of my list, because I began thanking God for you in specific ways, and I want you to know how my thanks to God for you came pouring out! I love you tremendously… so tremendously, it hurts!

  Thank you for reading, I pray that God speaks to your heart through His Word and draws you to delight in Him by His Spirit, opening the eyes of your heart to see Him in all things. I don’t know if your day is full of sunshine or heavy under the weight of the cares of this life, full of joy, or full of pain, but I pray you know the steadfast love of Jesus Christ today and that you find refuge in the shadow of His wings (Lamentations 3:21-23; Psalm 91, Deuteronomy 32:9-12).

 Gratitude to God:

(February 16, 2011)

14. A train whistle in the distance in the early morning

15. Waking early to be with God

16. Partaking of God’s Word, His Life, His glory to begin my day

17. The work God does in my heart, enabling me to give thanks to Him for life, for His love gracing every part of it

18. The cleansing of a hot shower

19. Putting on perfume Kevin picked for me

20. Listening to the hushed obedience of my daughters as they try to move quietly from the bedroom to the bathroom and back in the mornings

21. Listening to quiet and stillness, knowing YOU are GOD.

22. Wearing a lovely charm necklace Michaela, my growing 6 year old girl, picked out for me

23. Listening to my children enjoy each other’s company

24. Listening to favorite music (Brooke Fraser) moving through our house on the breeze coming through the open windows, while the kids frolic outside, wind whipping through their hair, cheeks aglow, breathless

25. Seeing wonder and innocence in my children’s eyes

26. Hearing my husband tell me how much he loves me and what I mean to him

27. Screams and squeals, a million giggles, as Daddy tickles and bites four tummies

28. Silas’ 3 year old affection for Kevin and me

29. Brooklynn and Michaela singing with all their hearts, as loudly as they can, lost in their play and imagination

30. Silas quite pitiful while having a normal stomach ache, insisting that he wants and needs to go to the hospital

(March 15, 2011)

31. The weight and warmth of a quilt

32. Quiet morning with Bible and coffee

33. Sitting at the table listening to the kids tell me what they are busy drawing

34. Reading a book

35. Pictures drawn by my little quartet for me and Daddy, and for loved ones near and far

36. Silas strutting out of the bathroom, grin on his face, announcing his big boy use of the toilet

37. Kissing Michaela and Kevin good-bye in the mornings, telling them I’ll be praying for their day

38. Saying “I love you’s” to those I love in everyday life

39. Candles lit

40. Sweet iced tea on a warm day

41. Water fun in the backyard

42. The thrill of getting bathing suits and trunks out for the first time in the new year

43. Celebrating spring

44. Breathing in the loveliness of the jasmines in the backyard

45. Making plans for our home with Kevin

46. Skype-ing with loved ones

47. Getting a letter, writing a letter, exchanging heartfelt e-mails with close friends and new friends, opening my life to them, and them sharing their lives with me

48. Kevin’s way of making me laugh, whether he tries to or not. Like when he groans in the discomfort of aging and falls into the bed one night, saying “My LIFE hurts…!”

49. Silas bursting through the door to tell me, eyebrows raised, eyes big, “I see FAT cwowds!!” (clouds)

50. Regaining strength from God’s Word at the end of a long day

51. My heart being lifted out of my self-made gloom by the Spirit of God

52. God drawing my heart out of shadows into His light and truth

53. Truth shattering lies, Light dispelling darkness

54. Listening to God speak to me

55. Breathing in, receiving the gift of Life in Christ, through prayer and soaking in the Word of God

56. Putting hard days and weeks behind me, but holding on to what God is teaching me

57. Delighting in God’s law, because it is His wisdom imparted to me through Christ. Christ strengthens me to delight in and keep the law, that otherwise would bury me in my sin and despair. (Meditating on Psalm 19)

58. God opening my eyes to see obedience to His law as His Spirit’s humbling work in me, His perfect strength in my utter weakness, wisdom guiding my feet, directing my path

59. Cherishing truth, treasuring the Gospel of Jesus Christ, my Lord

June 16, 2011

60. Lilies in full bloom at the table’s center

61. Silas, scrappy, tanned, 3 year old boy, walking around shirtless, talking tough, yet the only one to burst into tears repeatedly all morning

62. Solomon, tanned little 2 year old, following and threatening his big brother in play, all in his diaper

63. Watching “The Parent Trap” with the kids

64. Kevin and I wanting to be healthy and doing things to be so!

65. Kids quiet on the couch together, Brooklynn and Solomon sucking on their fingers, Solomon stroking his cherished silky blanket

(June 9, 2012)

66. All 6 of us (Daddy, Mommy, babes) eating danish (Danish, danishes? Is there a plural??) for breakfast outside, on a cool, June morning

67. A few more breezy, cooler spring days before summer heat settles in

68. Watching blue jays in the backyard, from the shade of the patio

69. Listening to a peaceful neighborhood on a Saturday morning, the quiet interrupted only by birds chirping and cooing

70. The kids’ laughter

71. How excited Silas gets over water fun in the summer

72. Getting sprayed by the hose as I fill up bins with water for the kids in the backyard, the kids laughing at me, me laughing with them, then spraying them down sending them running and screaming with delight

73. So glad they still get excited over bins full of water (even though they dream of swimming in Nana and Papa’s pool every day)!

(June 19, 2012)

74. Deep fuchsia gladiolus blooms bursting from tall, elegant green stems, gracing our dining table

75. A two hour long conversation on the phone with my sister, sharing the deep things of our hearts, speaking into each other’s lives, building each other up in faith, in hope, in love, in Christ. My sisters… sharing their faith with me from a time when I was very young until now, encouraging me as I grew with them, always loving me tenderly and caring for me, letting me stay at their side when I was too afraid to go out on my own… my sisters… who have always been the dearest of my friends, my sisters by blood, my sisters in Christ.

76. Spiritual mothers and fathers shepherding mine and Kevin’s hearts, speaking encouragement and wisdom to us, when we need to hear it most

78. The presence of “mothers and fathers” in my life reminding me of my Mom and Dad continually, causing me to pray for them continually, thinking on all I need to share with them in letters or e-mails that I need to write to them as soon as possible!

79. Knowing how much I am like both my Mom and Dad, seeing them in me every day; thinking on the years they raised me and my sisters and understanding them more and more as I grow older, and loving them more and more as I grow

80. My mother’s faith and trust in God, in all the years of nurture, toil, teaching, building, protecting, sacrificing, homemaking, supporting, caring, holding, giving, breaking, watching, fervent praying, hopes, fears, sweat, and tears… God pursued mine and my sisters’ hearts through her love, through all the ways she shows her love. Words cannot convey how grateful I am for the faithful years she nurtured us at home. It is a gift I cherish daily, because I am now able to do the same for my children.

81. My hard-working Dad, his zeal, his passion, his authenticity- his heart, his abandon to God and loving Him unashamed; how God taught me transparency and compassion through his example

82. My mother and father-in-law’s gracious, loving, soothing, calming presence 

83. Talks with my mother-in-law that I can never take for granted, the depth in her, the way she has always shared her life, her heart, and her faith with me since I was first brought into her life, into her family

84. My father-in-law’s warm hugs and smile, watching him take in funny, loud moments with his grandchildren, tickled by their silliness; the way he listens, his sense of humor, the precision with which he communicates when he does speak after so much listening

85. Quality time with loved ones

86. Quality time with brand-new friends, the beginnings of new friendships

87. Learning hospitality from watching my mom open up her home to loved ones and strangers alike for years and years, learning from her cheerfulness and service (though I’m not sure I’ll ever live up to her impeccable example!!)

88. My hospitable husband who has taught me to open up my heart as well as my home

89. The way my husband lovingly draws out of me what I struggle to hide

90. My husband’s patient, gentle words of encouragement and hope, speaking life to me, relying on God’s grace to minister to me, restoring what is broken

91. My husband leading me and our family with confidence in Christ, with humility and transparency, with a desire to always be growing, to always be growing in the Gospel of grace, in the knowledge of Jesus

92. My husband’s contagious passion, his sharp mind, his ability to articulate what many find hard to or impossible to; his care for people, his willingness to love, serve, and pursue others when that is a delight and when it is hard; his desire for those he knows to know the Gospel and be set free, to know Christ and the life found only in Christ.

(June 20, 2012)

93. The pleasure of enjoying all the simple things in life

94. Preparing my home for small group

95. The girls’ summer break from school being a much more peaceful time than I ever expected

96. Realizing that I can and want to teach Michaela the basics of playing the piano (thanks, Michelle :) Where are those rainbow colored piano books that you had that I liked so much??); this happening so naturally and so much more easily than I ever imagined it could

97. Seeing Silas take eager interest in learning how to play a song on the piano at 4 years old, seeing that he really loves the feel of the keys, seeing Kevin in this boy as plain as the nose on my face

98. Watching Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory with my kids, laughing together at Mr. Wonka’s clever lines and antics

99. My kids’ sense of humor, how they are all silly and weird like Kevin and I

100. Singing and playing my guitar, God’s beautiful gift of music; being part of a musical family